Swap Sneaker was founded by shoe fanatics that have been wearing sneakers since 1985. We have been passionate about sneakers even longer, and labeled Sneaker Heads since the early 90’s when the era of the stylish sneakers really took off. When the retro shoes started becoming a fashion trend we could reach back in our closets and pull out the originals and still look modern. SwapSneaker opens our closets, along with the closets of an entire community of people all around the world. Here, you can swap your classics with other Sneaker Heads around the world to build and expand your collection. Don’t feel like swapping? Sell your sneakers securely to someone missing that essential pair.

Swap Sneaker was built to help Sneaker Heads stay fresh.



Swap Sneaker is always looking for fresh new talent that has the same passion for kicks as we do. We believe the three F’s; Fresh, Funky, Fun. We promise to keep the working environment exactly the same.